Beauty Basics by Michelle – Don’t Skimp on Skin

Don’t Skimp on Skin:-

Keep your skin looking smooth, silky and supple whatever the environmental changes.

Extreme temperatures are rapidly approaching and this signals dry, irritated flaky skin and chapped lips. So arm yourself with a bunch of handy hints to look your best for Christmas.

Air-conditioning and environmental harshness contribute to dry skin so protect yourself against the elements with sun protection and exfoliation.

Loofah sponges and body exfoliants rid the body of dead skin cells and promote an overall look of health and radiance.

Resist the temptation to turn up the heat in the shower or have long baths. This will only contribute to an even drier skin. Use tepid water and cut down rinse time. Always shower immediately after a chlorinated or salt water swim as these ingredients are particularly drying.

Drink adequate fluid and moisturize the body externally with a slightly richer hydrating cream. Wear sunglasses a hat, protective clothing, lip gloss, napoleon have a gorgeous range and 15+ sunscreen in a gel or lotion formula.

Regular blow-drying of hair will strip vital nutrients, so apply moisturisers to your hair prior t swimming to lock in moisture. Try Dermalogica multivitamin power firm for eyes and lips, which is full of vitamins and botanicals.

Just remember, a lovely well maintained tan today will lead to lined and wrinkles in the future. Fake tans work beautifully and nobody will know the difference. Just make sure you remove the accumulated dead skin cells around your knees, elbows and ankles first so the tan does not grab and appear patchy.

Always pack trail size skin care kits on holidays. Just because YOU are on holidays it doesn’t mean your skin is. So don’t be lazy. It only takes 30 seconds to cleanse/tone, moisturise and apply sunblock.

For any questions, contact Michelle and her team at, Michelle’s Skin and Body Solutions on 07 3511 7393.

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