Body scrubs & body wraps in our Paddington salon

Our body treatments comfort, nourish and restore radiance in dry skin giving your skin a satin-smooth, velvety feeling.

It keeps your skin looking younger by strengthening its elasticity and nourishing the skin cells.

Our body wraps target toxic areas while firming and toning.

For the best results, we recommend you enjoy a course of treatments.


Exfoliating Nutrients Body Scrub

An intensive remineralising massage and exfoliation treatment treatment due to the inclusion of granular salts and minerals. Increases circulation, smooths and radiates. (60 minutes)


Detoxifying Full Body Wrap

Rich in minerals, vitamins and marine nutrients for intensive silhouette refining and firming.  Assists with combating stubborn cellulite. Boosts circulation and recharges the body whilst eliminating toxins and discouraging water retention.  A dry exfoliation is included. (50 minutes)


Detoxifying Full Body Wrap + Massage

Includes a Full Body Massage. (105 minutes)


Full Body Fake Tan

Inclusive of a dry exfoliation for a more effective treatment.