Beauty Basics by Michelle – Rise of the Toner

Rise of the Toner

For a long time now some 90% of skin care companies have recommend the use of a toner.  I find most clients though still miss this critical step in their daily routine as its value may not be completely understood.  In this article I’ll attempt to explain why the use of a toner is as important as exfoliating and moisturising, what a toner is, what skin types should incorporate its usage and how often men and women should use this essential beauty tool.

A quick and efficient three-step skin care routine loosely comprises a cleanser, toner and moisturiser.  More advanced skin care regimes may wish to target more specific concerns however these may involve the use of a booster, eye cream, eye makeup remover, neck cream, exfoliant and mask.  Don’t forget that whether you are using a quick 3-step process or being as comprehensive as you can, that applying Sun Block is the final and most significant step to all daily regimes.  These days with the advances in beauty, sun protection is incorporated in a variety of moisturisers and make up foundations…so there really is NO excuse.

Toner comes in liquid form and is used upon completion of cleansing.  It helps to remove excess debris, oil, dirt, makeup or the residue of a cleansing cream or milk.  A salon prescribed toner should never burn, sting or harm your skin.  Research your brands as some contain ingredients which may lead to future skin irritations.

Toners should feel refreshing and rejuvenating when applied.  Their function is to assist in refining open pores which proves excellent for an oily congested skin.  Toners also help stimulate the circulation to the skin.  Virtually any skin type will reap benefits when applying a toner.  Probably the main benefit of toning is its ability to reinforcing the acid mantle which is a barrier that protects the skin from harmful bacteria and other pathogens.

All toners are (should be) pH balanced and be water soluble.  Importantly toners have the ability to increase the longevity of your moisturiser and therefore preventing product wastage as the toner allows the moisturiser to be more evenly absorbed.

When it comes to the application of a toner, regular morning and evening use will support the skin’s natural functions, boost the immune defence and make the skin appear healthier and look vibrant.  For best results and the most efficient use a toner should be applied to a moist cotton pad or sprayed in the form of a mist directly onto the face, neck and décolletage.  Do NOT apply the toner with your hands.

An appropriate toner for your skin type should be diagnosed by your beauty therapist.  Some beneficial ingredients to be aware of when buying your toner include lavender extracts, aloe and balm mint.  These active ingredients will soothe, calm and re-hydrate your skin. Also where possible I suggest buying toners that contain antioxidant properties as these will give your skin an enormous vitamin boost.  Ingredients like Rosewater are ideal for delicate skins and assist in firming, moisturising and keeping the skin supple while Orange Flower stimulates blood flow to the tissues, is gently invigorating and helps prevent wrinkle formation.

Finally a great beauty tip to refresh your skin throughout the day is to gently spritz toner (from 20cm away) onto your skin.  This is a wonderful pick me up especially if your schedule proves hectic.

We stock a range of toners from Dermalogica and Thalgo that we are sure will suit your skin type.  So, happy toning and for any questions please contact us on 3511-7393 or

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  1. Thanks Michelle. I was one of those fallen through the cracks with toner and will now get back on track!

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