My Life as a Loofah…poem by Michelle

My life as a loofah – Poem ©

…by Michelle Cassimatis

I may take the form of a sponge or glove, a purchase from Michelle’s, a gift from above.

I’m glad I’m not soap, my reputation is higher, my duties far superior than a cleanser or scourer.

With one swipe excess skin cells are dead, so too is pollution, grime and sweat.

After the gym or during a shower, on your body……. not your face, I’ll cleanse you with power.

My life of late has been that of bliss as my owner is a very fine Miss.

Until her husband came in contact one day, and ruffled my bristles to my dismay.

Upon his body I did rest and place me on his hairy chest.

I’m use to buffing and polishing her lovely legs and pits, his bodily challenge would take courage and wits!

Starting from his feet and then with a pause, he stroked me over his great big hairy…..HEAD!

Upwards and in circles were the motions, forget about the creams, perfumes or lotions.

So next time for beauty or waxing don’t think Myers, call Michelle’s Skin & Body… your friendly beauty suppliers.