Beauty Basic by Michelle – Waxing Made Easy

Do you ever wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and think… “Oh gosh my skin needs help! I need help! My whole body needs help! I am in need of waxing. AAAAGH!”

You gaze into the mirror longingly, hoping the longer you gaze, the more gorgeous and less hairy you shall become. At Michelle’s we can help target your hair removal concerns within a 35-minute time frame or less.


So if you look like this…        But you prefer to look like this…



…then we are the body solutions waxing experts.


Our high-performance soothing wax aims to soften course hair, minimize ingrown hairs, smooth roughly textured skin so the end result from your waxing experience is likened to a mini exfoliation. When you moisturize with our Dermalogica or Thalgo products afterwards at home, they will penetrate further having had your dead skin cells lightly sloughed off.


Thanks, and hope to see you soon.